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Missing Classmates – Part 1

Well, in preparation for the reunion, we’re trying to get a hold of as many classmates as we can.  Between Facebook and Email, we’ve gotten a hold of over 200 classmates.  But, we’re still missing about 130.  We’ll be posting batches of 25 classmates a few times a week in an effort to find those missing ones.

Should you know where any of these people are, please send us an email at northgate93@gmail.com.  You can either pass along the reunion information and let us know you’ve contacted them or give us their email and we’ll do it for you!


1. Abhinav Anand
2. Abhishek Anand
3. Adam Rose
4. Alexandra Dent
5. Ali Golpayegani
6. Amal Moustafa
7. Amy Tan
8. Amy Weidenbach
9. Andrew Coleman
10. Andrew Huang
11. Angela Dube
12. Arnold Guerrero
13. Arthur Shen
14. Ashley Presnell
15. Ayami Kanayama
16. Belinda Wheeler
17. Billy Nowak
18. Bobby Adams
19. Bong Yi
20. Brian Burger
21. Brian Schopflin
22. Brian Tennant
23. Brooke Conrad
24. Calvin Lin
25. Charity Strader


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